Terms of Use


DRIVER CONNECT, INC. is a transportation service company based in 651 N Broad Street Suite 206 Middletown, 19709 Delaware, Etats unis register under the commercial register number [NBRTMP]. The company gives ground transportation services with vehicles exclusively for reservations in advance or immediate.

This terms and conditions are defined like the final contract, the customer by using the services of the company agree for this terms and conditions.


The company furnish a transport service an at their customers disposal vehicles with chauffeur-driven.


The customer is informed of all kind of vehicles purposed. Mainly it is sedan in economic class but affair class and Van class could be offer to the customer in case of he order it. For the moment, and unfortunately the company is not equipped by invalid and exclusive cars for invalids.

The transportation service is open, 24h/24, and is only based on in advance registrations.


The bookings via the website is submit under acceptation by the customer of the following terms and conditions.


To make a booking, The customer should connect to the website by fill in the booking details, he will fill in every empty place of details (lieu de départ (pick up adress) lieu de destination (destination address), category of vehicle). If he do not fill in pick up address, the process of booking couldn't attempt. In case of fill in destination address, the company will offer a price for the journey. The customer is free to accept or decline the offer by the company, if he agrees, he has to confirm all the details that he fill in and to confirm that they are exact to the booking he made.

In case of non writing pick address, the booking will not be register.

The company will proceed to give the details directly and automatically to the driver.


The customer can book a vehicle with the company before the date of the following journey. The customer can book 1 month maximum by phone before the journey until 30 minutes before departure time.

The customer will give the date, the time and the place of pick up, the different steps and the final arrival point, or any other complementary pick up points and the name and first name of the passengers.

In function of the quantity of bookings already registered at the date and the time wanted by the customer, the company keep it rights to refuse the additional bookings.

The company register the booking and will research the available vehicle, without proceeding to an immediate booking at the moment of the demand. The research of the vehicle is done in the following hour of the departure time, in function of pick up place and traffic conditions.


When the customer make a booking he should precise the airport, the date of the journey, the time of landing, the flight number and the coming from.

The time of landing and the terminal arrival, could be change by the flight conditions and the port authority, the customer could mention it by they are not under contract.

The company responsibility could not be engaged in case of wrong information given by the customer (incomplete flight numbers, mistakes of pick up date), even in case of wrong information given by the airport that the customer will by land off.


This service of booking is provided by phone 24/hours and 7/days by a usual local cost call if you call from a French local phone.


The customer can order online, via the website www.taxiinparis.fr. Or Apps android or app store (Apple)

The online order of the journey will propose after confirmation secured method of payment like PayPal or PayPlug, choices is given to the customer. Non additional fees is taken by the company on the price of the journey, except in case of waiting of the customer on pick up time.


After confirmation of the booking, The customer should be at the right address of pick up the right day and the right time.

The customer will receive an email and/or a text message of confirmation.

In case of driver waiting , additional fees that amount are shown article 5, will be automatically bill after 8 minutes delay by the customer.

En case of no show by the customer, the driver can leave after 18 minutes waiting.

The customer has to be on vehicle board like a good family father.

In case of degradation of the equipment or of the vehicle by the customer, the company will bill him back what it is done as degradation or will bill the changes of the depredated material.

The passengers, adults and kids, has to fasten the seat belts. A fine could be given by the police because of the concerning persons. the company will charge the fine to the customer if so.

For safety reasons, It is totally forbidden to smoke on board or to carry flammable products, explosive, corrosive or toxic. The non-respect of this engage the responsibility of the customer and passengers. The company could use it rights to appeal to the court.

Luggage should be put in the car trunk of the vehicle. The luggage will stay at the entire responsibility of the customer. No luggage could be given to the driver. The driver could refuse all the luggage that the weight or the dimensions are too heavy or huge, and the ones that he consider that it can be unsafe.

Any modification of the details of the journey that has been paid in advance on the website (waiting, parking, additional stop, changing addresses...) will bill additional fees that the driver will bill directly to the customer into the car.

If the customer book online and he needs a car seat or a baby he has to confirm the company by email or by calling directly on the company telephone number. If the company has stock availabilities of the customer demand the booking will be definitively confirmed. In another case i till be cancelled and the customer will be fully refund.


The service offer by the company an available vehicle that corresponds to the booking of the customer. The company has to find and will make everything to find an available vehicle in a prompt time.

When the company receive the demand of the customer, in case of destination point given by the customer, the company will offer the price that is shown on the calculator.

If the customer accept , the company will send him a confirmation by mail and/or text message.


All the conditions of cancellation are defined by the present general conditions.

If the vehicle already arrived at the pick up point at the moment of the cancellation, the journey will be totally due to the company. If the customer doesn't cancel the order before the arrival of the vehicle, or the passenger doesn't show up to the pick up point or the driver or the company try to contact the customer, the total amount of the journey will be totally due to the company.

The customer keeps his right to cancel the order 3 hours before the start of the journey. In that case the total amount will be totally refund. But in another case he will totally due the amount of the journey.

3.1 Delay of Drivers

If the customer book and prepay the booking online and the driver is delayed by any circumstances that could happen in ground transportation, 2 choices is given to the customer.

Customer can call the company Driver Connect,Inc by himself directly to cancel the booking and ask for total refund of his booking him or he can take the decision to do the journey with the driver and he can't ask for a refund after doing the journey and use the service of ground transportation. As per the company Driver Connect,Inc is not selling "goods to replace" but "services" and when services are used it is all set and done. Driver Connect,Inc can provide coupons or reductions on further journeys coming up for customer for what could happen in this specific case of driver's delayed.


The actual terms and conditions are under the law n° 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978 relative under computer systems and liberty.

The company inform the customer for the data collected for the personal use on the website.

The company could give the personal details of the customer for the driver needs for the booking detail. Of course the customer could refuse that and has just has to send an email or a postal letter for any opposition.

The customer agree and accept that the company could keep and register, for any proof of use of the company services, or website connexion and the customers details.


Driver waiting time for any delay is about 0,45 € to 0,90 € V.A.T include per minute depends on the category of the vehicle and will be paid directly in add of the previous booking to the driver.


Waiting on Airports is up to 1 hour after flight landed, in case of no show from the customer side or no call contact or email done after flight landed the journey which is prepaid online will be totally due to the company Driver Connect,Inc.

Waiting on Trains stations is up to 15 min after train arrival time, in case of no show from the customer side or no call contact or email done after train arrival time the journey which is prepaid online will be totally due to the company Driver Connect,Inc.

If the customer don't provide a working phone international mobile number for letting us do the right pick up on best conditions and the driver's can't even find him on airports or train stations pick up and the customer doesnt contact the company to tell where is he, Drivers wont be able to pick up him it will be the customer responsability and payment online cannot be refunded to customer.


The payment could be done directly on the website by secure method of payments like PayPal or directly to the chauffeur by credit card or cash inside the car.


Once the booking has been paid online or booked directly by phone on the call center, the company will send directly to the customer by email, a bill directly to the email he has given when he booked.



The transfers starts when the customers get into the car and finish when he is out of the car.


The driver could refuse the pick up of the customer. It depends of the attitude of the following (alcoholic, animal more than 8 kg and not inside a special cage of transport, danger for the security of the chauffeur and it vehicle, etc.) or false information given by the customer.



The company has to send you vehicles according to the law of the minister of the transportation and green development.


The company is guarantee by a professional insurance of chauffeurs that cover the activity cording to the rules of the country for ground transportation services.

The passengers are fully covered for any body damages, material and immaterial that could be done by an ground transportation accident from the pick up till the went out the car unless damages causes by the customer itself.


The customer could complain by postal service with proof of send to the following address: DRIVER CONNECT, INC. is a transportation service company based in 651 N Broad Street Suite 206 Middletown, 19709 Delaware, Etats unis . Any complain that happen with the chauffeur will be send directly to the following and the company will give the full details of the chauffeur if it is asked by the customer.
These terms and conditions and your use of our website are governed by the laws of the United States. In the event of any dispute arising out of the contract, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United States.