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Taxi in Paris Services

Taxi in Paris Transport Company offers many different service packages to the customers. Besides serving the foreign travelers, we also designed our service packages suitable for local and regular travelers. Taxi in Paris offers different service packages like Bachelors Party, Prom Night, Wedding Ceremony and airport transfer from CDG to Paris or Orly to Paris, station car services, vacation trip, hourly rental etc.

We manage to earn huge popularity in last few years for the variations in our service packages. People nowadays are actually in search for such type of DRIVER CONNECT, INC. or car rental services that provide different types of services at a reasonable and affordable DRIVER CONNECT, INC. rate. Our rate is much competitive compared to any DRIVER CONNECT, INC. fare offer by other companies. So, if you are planning to travel to Paris over the new couple of days, then Taxi in Paris could be an excellent option for sure to hire. You need not waste your valuable time by searching quality taxi services in Paris.

Airport Transfer:

Taxi in Paris Transport Company is a private car rental service provider that gives safe, efficient as well as luxurious transportation for individuals arriving as well as departing from CDG to Paris or Orly airport to Paris. There is actually no denying the fact that this DRIVER CONNECT, INC. service will take you to your destination in class, style as well as affordable luxury. As a valuable customer, you have got the excellent choice of picking the vehicle of your desire. In addition, they cater to large groups so they are actually able to accommodate everyone you’re journeying with on business. So, if you are in search of a quality taxi service in Paris for airport transfer, Taxi in Paris Transport Company is the best option to choose. We also offer the trained and highly professional chauffeurs who are highly authentic and dedicated. At the same time, they are punctual, professional, helpful, friendly and co – operative. So they are quite enough to make your travelling enjoyable and guide you all through your destination in Paris from CDG or Orly airport.

Station Car Services:

Taxi in Paris also offers station car services to the customers. Somehow it is easy to get the best taxi service in Paris for airport transfer but whenever you are going to look for a reliable station car service, then you may face many difficulties. However, by hiring Taxi in Paris Transport Company for station car services, you will get the best experience for sure. First of all, we offer different size luxurious and also economy class vehicles at very affordable DRIVER CONNECT, INC. rate. It simply indicates that you will be able to save your money by hiring our taxi service and at the time of traveling, you can enjoy the ultimate luxury.

Vacation Trip:

Taxi in Paris Transport Company also provides services for the vacation trip. Actually, this service is provided for both the locals and the foreigners. Don’t get worried if you really don’t have any knowledge or idea about the attractive or eye – catching sites in Paris. Our well-trained chauffeurs with multilingual capability have very clear knowledge about it and they will for sure assist you in traveling all the places. However, most of the time, students from different schools or colleges often get a short vacation and they usually make use of their vacations by travelling different places and that time they can take help from Taxi in Paris Transport Company. As Paris is a place of attraction, every year millions of people come to visit Paris and Taxi in Paris Transport Company provides vacation trip for them as well. If you are quite worried about the cost of their service, then you really no need to worry. Taxi in Paris offers different rates for different packages. Some packages include three or four places to visit where some packages include five or six places. Only you have to choose your package as per your requirement.

Hourly Rental:

We also offer hourly rental services besides providing airport transfer, station car services and vacation trip. Travelers from different parts of the world are simply a big fan of hourly rental. There are actually some benefits of hiring our taxi service in an hourly rental. Hourly rental means you have to pay per hour. So it can allow you to save some money if you plan your journey ahead of hiring our taxi service on an hourly basis. Let’s take a look at a simple example. Suppose, you hire a taxi service for 5 hours and each hour you have to pay 30 Euros. However, naturally for five hours, you will have to pay 150 Euros, right? Where, if you hire it normally (not hourly), then for five hours you may have to pay double. Not all the taxi services in Paris provide hourly rental but Taxi in Paris Transport Company provides. So if you want to make your traveling quite enjoyable, comfortable, and affordable at the same time, then Taxi in Paris could be a great option for you.

Wedding Ceremony:

Selecting a transportation is a very vital decision when you are actually planning for your wedding. Just because of this reason, Taxi in Paris designed this package with luxurious cars to make your occasion very special at very reasonable rate. You will surely be glad to learn that this great and amazing taxi service in Paris offer transportation for wedding ceremonies each year and on your very special event, there is absolutely no replacement for experience. The vehicles of Taxi in Paris Transport Company includes luxurious buses, cars, limos with chauffeurs etc. just because of your special day, Taxi in Paris will try their level best to manage whatever it requires making it simply superb. It is true that not all the taxi services or car rental services in Paris will provide services for wedding ceremonies. A few of them might but Taxi in Paris Transport Company is considered as the most popular taxi company for providing this service. It can be said that this is another reason behind the huge popularity of this company. Moreover, they are affordable and sometimes different discounts are also available for different customers. So, why to wait for! Book our service now to make your occasion very special and memorable.

Prom Night:

There is actually no denying the fact that your prom night is considered as a quite peculiar event in your entire life, why not name it really memorable and arrive in style and luxury. If you are badly in search of transportation for just the 2 of you or if you really want from the bottom of your heart to enjoy the evening with a group of your friends, then Taxi in Paris Transport Company induce the complete answer to your demands. You will find no more honorable path to travel on prom night than riding in one of our amazing luxury vehicles. For an inexpensive luxury taxi ride in one of our best vehicles to make your prom night enjoyable and memorable as well.

Bachelors Party:

We offer special service package to enjoy an exclusive bachelor's party. The professional chauffeurs make sure safe and secured transportation for bachelorettes as well as bachelor parties over the entire Paris city. Just get entered into your party with comfortable as well as stylish transportation in the luxurious celebration chauffeurs and bus. It is true that a majority of taxi companies in Paris actually provides bachelor party but they are expensive. If you take a look at their price, then it will help you to realize where at Taxi in Paris Transport Company, it’s really affordable. You can get the best experience for your ‘closing night time out’ without spending much more charges.

Corporate Rental:

Taxi in Paris Transport Company offers corporate rental service package along with experienced chauffeurs for senior – level executives. We provide fast, individualized as well as dependable corporate chauffeur services that make sure that all your transit demands are rightly managed in a timely manner and as well as professional fashion. Taxi in Paris is considered as one – stop store for all your chauffeured service requires with its online reservation system. The most important thing is, from superb chauffeured services for professional corporate travel to private aviation to road shows and meetings as well as events, Taxi in Paris Transport Company customizes services based on your specs.

Why Choose Taxi in Paris

Online Booking:

Taxi in Paris Transport Company offers the online DRIVER CONNECT, INC. booking facility from both desktop and mobile. Online booking has a number of benefits / advantages that can never be described in words and this is another reason behind the popularity of our DRIVER CONNECT, INC. service in France. First of all, online booking will help you to save your much more time. What you need to do is to input some essential details like your name, address, destination etc. and you are done.

Free Taxi Fare Calculator:

We also have a built in free DRIVER CONNECT, INC. fare calculator systems on our website. It'll give you the exact cost of travel on different size or type of vehicles when you give your passenger and journey details. This system is very convenient because you can have the option to compare the DRIVER CONNECT, INC. fare rate of ours with other companies. Also, you can have the option to look for the taxi fare for different size and type of vehicles at the same time and choose the right one suitable for your need.

Free Flight Monitoring:

Free flight monitoring is considered as one of the most vital and valuable services of Taxi in Paris Transport Company. Though there are some other services are also available for providing free flight monitoring, but the service of Taxi in Paris Transport Company is really very superb. Once you book our service for airport pick up and provide your flight information during fill up the online booking form, our dedicated customer service personnel will track your flight schedule absolutely free of cost. So that you can reach the airport on time or you don't need to wait for hiring any DRIVER CONNECT, INC. service upon arrive on CDG or Orly airport.

24 / 7 Customer Service:

Customer satisfaction is our prime objective in any case. And so we ensure the 24/7 and 365 days of non-stop customer service. The customer support executives of Taxi in Paris Transport Company are always available for their customers. You will get them anytime you want and if you want to know anything, don’t hesitate to ask them. If you're looking for any customized service like for kids, handicap person or even looking for any special discount, feel free to drop us a note, our customer service will contact you for further discussion.

Chauffeur Service:

Taxi in Paris provides well-trained chauffeurs with multilingual capability the valuable customers. People from different countries who come to visit Paris every year fully depend on this taxi company. And that why we train our chauffeurs in that way so that they can even act as like a tourist guide. Most importantly, you need not spend lots of money for using this service. If you take a look at the cost of this service in other taxi companies in Paris, then it will help you for sure to realize the difference.

GPS Tracking:

GPS tracking facility is another great service offer by Taxi in Paris Company that clearly separate us from others. We ensure that all our vehicles have this GPS tracking facility to make sure you can reach your destination on time. Our well-trained chauffeurs are technologically very sound to read this system and so they can avoid the rush traffic and take you to your destination within shortest possible time.

Large Vehicle Fleet:

Taxi in Paris Transport Company is mainly popular just because of having a number of the large vehicle fleet. We have below size available all the time ready to provide you service.

  1. 16 Passenger Cadillac Escalade -White.
  2. Passenger Lincoln Navigator - Black.
  3. Passengers Expedition - Black or White.
  4. White with Black Top.
  5. 14 Passengers Excursions -Black, White.
  6. 8 - 10 Passenger Lincoln Town Car - Black, White or White with Black Top.

We have different types of vehicles for different amounts of passengers. So it facilitates you to choose the right size and book in advance as per your travel plan.

Insurance Coverage:

May be you know that there is exactly no time of happening something bad. So in that case, Taxi in Paris provides insurance coverage to their customers. We care for our customers who come from different parts of the world and that are why we always cover our vehicles with the solid insurance plan.


Great service. Efficient, gente and punctual


It was great experience with a nice clean car and a great very freindly and helpful driver! Will book again for next time in Paris. Thank you!

Mrs Varga C

Excellent service! The driver was punctual, courteous and efficient. He helped us on to the train also! Wonderful service and we recommend this taxi company wholeheartedly. Thankyou!

Ursula M

Very good service and so grateful to have found someone I could count on. Thank you for being flexible and willing to change plans when circumstances dictated making a change in times and airports. I highly recommend! Thank You, Cathy Morrison Knoxvi

Cathy M

We were there over 6 months ago, so I don't remember whether or not the driver gave us information, but I do remember him being on time and getting us to the airport on time in a very nice car.

Jackie W

Keep it up..

Reynel G

Perfect service!

Matusche T

Driver was very helpful and friendly. He went beyond his normal duties to help us retrieve a cell phone that was left behind in the apartment where we stayed.

Andre S

On both occasions, we had the same helpful and friendly driver. I would highly recommend "taxiinparis" to anyone and everyone.

Andre S



there was very big traffic jam to airport, but he didn't ask extra fee, and car was very comfortable. thank you.

sora l

Very good

Dilip M

Everything was great. Excellent cars and drivers


The driver was very friendly and polite, I felt safe and comfortable. I was also offered a bottle of water and sweets. Lovely service!

Stephanie G

Chauffeurs très serviables et agréables, nous recommandons

Mme Stoclet S

Very punctual and professional. Thank you!

Michael B

Nice Service.

Martinez C


Mrs Helena E

Everything ok thank you

jorge s

I would like to congratulate you! The service was perfect! And I would like to remind you that I have two more reservations with you. One next sunday ,06/19 at 6:45h AM ,and another in the next tuesday , 06/21 at 13:15h. Awaiting you for our next 2 tr

Karla C

This company was a Godsend to me! Went far beyond my expectations. Highly recommend. Safe drivers, reasonable rates.

Cathy M

Good service many thanks. Problem is the trafic in paris :) next time again

Wegener T

It was a great ride.

Mrs Sarah B

On time, very polite and very efficient.

Aurel B

Great service, the cab was there waiting for us 15 min before time. The driver was very nice! Loaded all 8 bags and unloaded them at the airport! Use this service if you don't want any hassles !

Joe C

Driver was on time and very helpful.

Mark N

Easy to book; we received a confirmation via Text & email. Driver notified us when he arrived (he was just a few minutes early) and helped us get everything loaded. The trip was quick & efficient. The service met or exceeded all our expectations. Hi

Samantha E

Taxi arrived on time, the driver was very friendly and very helpful, nothing else to ask for. Reccommended.

Theodoros Assiotis A

Taxis in Paris is a great taxis service. We needed a taxis at around 3am to get to the airport and almost every place was closed. I found Taxis in Paris through a Google search and decided to give it a try as they told you straight-out the price for their

Isabel V

I am always afraid to take a taxi abroad. I am satisfied with the driver and the cleaness of the car and feel safe as we know the price in advance. I would recommend your company and will use next time.

Kinuko U

Merci beaucoup ! Très professionnel et sympathique ! Belle journée,

Fellay T

I recommend it to others

Ghassan T

Very Professional service... I booked about a week before my travel and they called the previous day to confirm my reservation... The driver was on time and very courteous... Overall 5 stars for their service...

Balaji S

Very pleased with the service, driver met us from Gare du Nord on schedule, driver was very polite & helpful - would definitely recommend based on that experience...

Rupert H

Very punctual . Polite driver .

Rist B

Despite the problems we found at the airport related to a suspicious object, the driver did not leave and we were able to find him eventually. Merci

Veronica P

Pierre was really friendly and easy to talk to. He was prompt and we arrived at the airport no problem. Thanks!

Josephine Liu L

everything great

Veronica P

He was on time, spoke English , very friendly and helpful. Strongly recommend will use again!

Clara W

The price for the taxi to St Lazare was 39 and the taxi on the street to the apartment was 20. Don't understand why Taxi in Paris is twice as much! Driver was nice and was on time. Will just flag a taxi next time.

Tom H

Pierre was grest. He looked up our flight number and made sure to take us to the right terminsl. Good driver. Very professional.

Ed H

Great service on time and friendly

Claire R

Excellent service! Thank you!

Cecilia A

For a foreigner in Paris and the first time using the service, it was truly a great experience. You can be assure of the service, punctuality and efficient. I will definitely keep the phone number and will definitely recommend my friends from Malaysia to


Servizio perfetto e puntualissimo. Lo consiglio a tutti.

Lisa D

I asked to be dropped off at Terminal 1 and was instead dropped off at the first stop for Terminal 2. Fortunately, I had planned for enough time in advance as this added ~30 min to get to my gate.

Dominique P

We were very pleased with Taxi in Paris. We were nervous about getting the the airport early on a Sunday morning but our driver was there on time. He was very personable, interesting and very helpful! The car was clean, very nice and had room for the lugg

Mrs Jackie L

My driver was absolutely fabulous! So so so so so helpful! A real asset to the company!

Mrs Sofia F

Service ponctuel et le traitement exquis. Le conducteur attentif et agréable. Merci beaucoup pour tout Very punctual service and exquisite treatment. The driver very attentive and pleasant. Thank you for all

Martin Molina A

The driver was very, very cooperative.

Rinaldo B

Best taxi I have ever used!

Mrs Anna L

Driver was very nice, the connection of the CC device did not work so I paid cash.


Awesome service. The driver knowledge of the city was just significant because it was our first time and he gave us so many tips. Love the service immensely

M.Deleon W

Excellent service, driver was on time & very helpful.


Everything was very professional, you can trust this company!

Giannis O

Ben was incredible. He was the best cab driver we have had (and we have lived in London, Chicago and Bogota...so we have ridden in many cabs). He was polite, caring, professional and just a really warm and genuine person. We will use your services ag

Matthew A

Great taxi service in Paris. Driver arrived a bit early to help with bags and was very friendly.

Dirk S

I was very satysfyed, the driver was very kind, arrived on time, all perfect, thank you!

Marian C

Excellent service will definitely us again

Mrs Carol H

Excellent! dont think twice just get reservation


Excelence in service

M. Pedro F

A very polite driver and he drove carefully . I will definitely recommend and also use your services again.

Chrissie V

I hired the taxi through the chat of the webpage. They were on time and i paid exactly what they had told me when we chatted. Great service!

Carolina A

Driver was very pronpt helpful and polite and also spoke some english which was good too.


Our taxi driver was fantastic. He was very personable and friendly. We very much enjoyed our conversations with him!


We called for a 4am taxi for our daughter and a 6am taxi for us. The booking process on our phone the night before was quiet easy. Both drivers were early, courteous, and professional. It was better than the airport taxi we took upon. arrival without a do

Henry G

Wery pleasent drivers good service

Arne R

Service irréprochable. Un grand merci au chauffeur qui était courtois et professionnel. Je le recommande!


Prompt, reasonable early morning taxi to CDG.

Mr Lee J

Such a an amazing company, the driver was so nice and gave us a lot of information. A+++ service, we will be using Taxi in Paris again. Recommended!!!


First time I used this service and will certainly use it again.

Larry N

Ben was amazing- he confirmed the night before and morning of my trip. He was so nice and helpful- checking my flight information and giving me specific information on where to go!

Sara S

On time and very comfortable drive. Made it to the airport in fine time, and estimated cost was accurate

Henry F

Very swift and safe drive to the airport! Our driver, Pierre, was very friendly and moved skillfully through the traffic. Car was clean and we could not have had a better experience! Thank you, and we will highly recommend you if we have a chance. B

Be rna rd B

It was little pricey compared to the normal parisian taxi though the Car and comfort level was better with "Taxi in Paris". Time management and service was top class

Sundar Ravi Kumar S

Driver was waiting on arrival, took our cases and led us to a very clean and comfortable car with provision of bottled water and sweets. Excellent.

keeley s

Thank you exceptional service and easy booking

Michelle M

I could not be more pleased with the quality of the services I received from your company. Your driver Pierre was at our location on time, impeccably dressed, well mannered, helpful, professional and delivered us safely and on time to the airport in a ve

marc g

great service, called me before he arrived, i was very impressed!

Scott O

Very good!! Perfect!!

Mariluz A

I was very pleased with my Taxi in Paris experience. When I had trouble booking on line I booked through the chat feature. The person at TaxiinParis was very helpful, polite and had me booked in no time and I re eived an email confirmation immediatwly.


just fine

Seitz B

Nice and friendly service. The email and telephone support was also great and funny!

Alexander G

Everything was great. Very nice car, very clean and driver was on time, polite and helpful. Only thing to mention was that we booked to have two suitcases and two people, but the boot was not empty when the car arrived so we had trouble fitting our luggag

Christopher P

Great and courteous service.

M. Richard G

Awesome service and in time. Receipt service also very professional

Sérgio G

Car arrived 13 minutes earlier. Unexpected & happy to ride in Merz E. Car is comfortable, spacious, able to take up our 3 luggage. Driver courteous, friendly, helpful. Highly recommended.


I loved my driver so much!! I wish I could see him again

Mrs Lori M

I loved my driver, he was truly the best!! I wish I could see again

Mrs Lori M

The driver has been very kind and helpful. Overall good service. I will recommend to my friends

Sang L

It was a good experience and really I recommend this company

Saad A

Our driver introduced himself via text, with License and car information. He said he would be arriving on time, and ended up coming early. It was a smooth process! Taxi in Paris was also very affordable compared to its competitors (by about 20 euros!).

Anh N

Perfectly on time. Happy customer.

Stephanie W

Taxi in Paris was a great reliable service, driver was there early and was courteous and helpful with our luggage, would highly recommend to all our friends! Thank you😀

Kaye L

The service was professional, indeed. The driver was kind, very helpful and that is the professional aspect of taxi services. Helping a new person in a city is both professional and humane. The fare was absolutely reasonable.

Ohiyok David O


Kadri A

Everything went smoothly as organised. Great service.

Brett W

All the drivers that your service have sent to pick me up have been very helpfull and very pleasant. I would certainly use your service again and have no problem recommending you to others.

Joan H

Lors d' un prochain déplacement je ne manquerais de contacter vos services de Taxi in Paris. Efficacité, ponctualité et amabilité du chauffeur.

Cutler M

Excellent service, always right on time. I traveled with my parents (two old persons), and used the service three times during a week in Paris. The driver always placed all thw lugage in and out and help them with the doors. It,s was a great experience an

Jose Coll C

Good afternoon! the trip and the attention was excellent! thank you. We will use your service all the time we need in the futur. Kindly, Liliana Couto.

Liliana C

The driver let us know when he had arrived. He brought us to the airport and was very helpful with our bags. Exceptional service provided

Daniella F

Our driver was very nice, helpful and friendly, even offered his phone when I needed to make a call. It was a nice experience to ride with him

Zoltán V

Very Good Taxi Service. Taxi was well in Time. Friendly Driver.

Ute R

Trés satisfait du service: le chauffeur m'a attendu et m'a conduit à bon port malgré le retard de 2h de mon avion et une heure d'attente à l’aéroport du à un colis suspecte qui a bloqué la sortie du terminal. Pour m'a part vous avez gagné un c

Rosato v

Driver was excellent! Arrived on time, dressed smartly and helped carry my two heavy suitcases across a muddy park. He was perfect

Shereen P

Rizzoli A

Top Service. Thanks

Fischer R

Very prompt and professional. Would highly recommend to a friend. Not from the country but found the website and services very easy.

Elizabeth R

My driver was polite and helpful,. He arrived to pick me up early and got me to the airport quickly. His manner was kind and professional

Tricia D

Adrienne Bleiler B

We had a great driver!!! Very polite and professional!! Would definitely recommend him!!

Kim E

Easy quotation system. On time and efficient courteous driver to take 6 of us to the airport. Even helped loading our luggage on trolleys. Not sure what the onboard taxi services were. Maybe they should be advertised better.

Dudley G

Dominica P

Carrie C

I was unsure about booking a taxi in Paris for the first time.The driver didn't meet me at the front of the Eurostar platform as requested ,but he contacted me and got me to the races on time.The driver was friendly,polite and efficient. A positive exper

Gerry C

I really liked tbe services. Have used th3 services twice and must say i am really happy with right from booking till end of Trip. Everyone involved is very polite, helpful and professional.

Sanuj M

Very prompt and the price is superb! Highly recommend!

Mrs S

Good driver. save driving , arriving on time.


Very good, recommended

Wahyuningsih Y

Driver arrived on time, helped with our luggage, was friendly, drove responsibly to the airport.

Dean E

The driver arrived early and loaded all our luggage in the spacious car. He gave my daughter a bottle of water when she started coughing. Unfortunately the taxi got a flat tyre on the freeway on our way to the airport and my children and I were sitting i

Peter R

Service of driver was very good.

Birendra Kumar S

Excellent driver & service


Good service and helpful drivers! Wow! Keep up the good work

Vibeke M

Perfect service!

Antoinette M

Isabella Khalil K

very kind and professional driver, everything smooth

Francesca Fini F

As always excellent service! Thank you!

Benedikt B

Driver was prompt polite and friendly. Was a great experience to finish our vacation in Paris.

Joseph V

**We was very satisfied with the level of professional and highly efficient service. The Driver was very helpful, competent and understanding. I will gladly refer your company to my family and friends. Thanks Very Much...Blessings without End....

Jandaira Lima Do A

Driver was right on time and the vehicle was spacious and clean!

Linda W

Fantastic service, thank you for helping us make our connection Gare du Nord to Gare Montparnasse on time !!

Martine A

Easy booking without the need for registration and bank data, great communication before arrival, friendly and helpful driver - highly recommend.

Michal B

I am very happy form this booking. Everything was perfect (car,driver etc.)

Antonios Mandris M

Everything was great. Thank you.

Brent K

Excellent service. On time & reasonably priced.


The best part of Taxi in Paris is that they actually answer the phone when you call!

Susan J

On time and very professional

Ajay S

On time, polite, efficient!

Leonardo C

The taxi arrived on time. We arrived at the station on time and the driver helped us get to the correct area which was confusing.

Zakharia R

Entire experience was very good except driver was on phone call when we first met and he did not stop talking to greet us. Just put our luggage in car.

Dean C

Chauffeur attendait sur le quai comme prévu. Très avenant , poli, correct. Je recommande absolument.


Ponctuel, très poli, voiture très propre, vraiment professionnels, je recommande vivement! !


Very efficient service for my last minute booking.

Azmir Y

A l'heure, Trajet parfait Conducteur super sympa numéro enregistré dans mes contacts pour mon prochain séjour à Paris

Antje M

Arrived a few minutes early beautiful vehicle , very happy

Angie K